0 Christmas Tree

Growing up, one of my fondest memories during Christmas time was going out with the family and cutting down a live Christmas tree. It needed to be tall enough, full enough, and without a lot of gaps so it would be perfect for hanging both our handmade and store bought ornaments. Oh those handmade ornaments (yes I still have them and yes they still go up every year)!. 
What I don't remember growing up was the struggle to get the tree from the farm all the way into the tree stand at home. For all of you that do a live tree, you know EXACTLY what I mean. The struggle is real but oh so worth it.

We joined forces this year (the more eyes the better when picking a tree) and had almost all of our family out. We went to Dave's orchard which is a local farm right on 216th street in Langley that is run by the nicest man you will ever meet. Our mom was working so we obviously face-timed her in to the festivities because you just can't miss out on picking the best tree!

The day we went to cut down our tree it was snowing so beautifully in the morning....and managed to stop right when we got to the Christmas tree farm :( Didn't stop these two cousins from 'giving kisses' and just basically being the epitome of cute. We may take too many photos but when you nail this one, it's all worth it. 

Cairo and Kinsley are both decked out in clothes from Gymboree - one of our favourite clothing brands. It was a cold morning so their coats and sweaters were a must and of course their hats to keep their little ears warm. 

It truly feels like Christmas is here when we cut down our tree and decorate it with lights and vintage and new ornaments. My family room right now consists of our Noble tree along with some Christmas music, a starbucks latte and my baby sleeping in the other room. Thankful is an understatement but life doesn't get much better than this.
Except when you're in Hawaii. Life is always better in Hawaii.

Just wondering if you can all see that beautiful snow turned rain! At this point, the guys were getting all three trees secured on the roofs. Naturally, the kids wanted snacks, so tailgate party in the back of the trunk was our best option! Delicious Bare snacks for the win. 

Have you tried Bare Snacks? They are a great snack for on-the-go or even when you are at home for a movie night. They are all natural and have only a couple ingredients in each bag. Their apple flavour has one ingredient: apples. No added anything, so I know exactly what my child is eating!

This was definitely a successful Christmas tree chopping day! Now we are less than a week away from Christmas and there are still so many things I want to do.....but remembering moments like these reminds me to just enjoy each day!