Date Night

We have been cooped up in our homes with all this crazy snow in Vancouver so we couldn't contain our excitement to get out into civilization with a date night this week. We know the importance of date nights for our marriage (and just overall sanity) but to actually book babysitters, plan a night, and go and do just doesn't happen as often as we would like. 
Tuesday night was a go for all the plans so we set out for dinner and a show in Vancouver.

Pictures with just us....without our kids....rare. We feel like we are attached at the hip sometimes to our kids but it is so good for us to get out  on occasion with just our hubbies to focus on each other. 
The sky was clear and the sunset was phenomenal that night so we pulled over to snap a few photos before it got dark. Big shoutout to UGG and their amazing footwear we got to wear to the event (shop for them at the end of the post).

We had dinner here and was able to see an incredibly beautiful show called Odysseo. 
We are not horse people.
I think I've ridden a horse twice in my life.
However, I was entertained the entire night and left shocked at some jaw-dropping moments involving these exquisite horses and their riders. I would go again tonight if I could, it was that good!

After the show we were fortunate to be able to go back stage and meet the horses and see what all goes into making each show happen. Quite a production with 65 horses all taking part in the show!

We also got to meet some beautiful ladies Erin and Alexandra who loved the show just as much as we did. They also have such amazing blogs - be sure to check them out. 

Thanks Odysseo and UGG for such an incredible date night!

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