Style: UGG

The sunshine has been pouring down the last couple days so we took full advantage of the sun and had an evening picnic. We headed to a local spot, Williams Park, and strolled the trails for the perfect creekside spot. 

Our newest addition to our footwear closet is our sandals from UGG. I love UGG boots and booties in the fall, but their sandals are all about stylish comfort! They have a soft padding on the bottom that fools my feet into thinking I am actually wearing slippers! I hiked in trails in these babies!! UGG has so many different styles so everyone can have their own unique sandal to match their personality. 

This was the front row view from our picnic dinner. Just breathtaking.

Our mom. Oh how many times we have picked our mom's brain; gathering wisdom about baking apple crumble, canning peaches, raising our children and how to get those tough stains out of our kid's shirts. She is so wise and as stylish as a teenager! Look at her rocking those incredible zipper back gladiators! UGG is all about the details. 

Orange is the new black does not apply to footwear. Just classic black for the win! 

Summer nights are for exploring new corners of our favourite picnic spots. We have been to Williams Park so many times and yet every time we go we find a new area to discover. Jake did not want to leave. He loved throwing rocks in the river, wandering the trails and hiding amongst the trees. This time at Williams Park, while we were eating dinner we saw two owls perched in the tree above us. They were amazing! 

I think this photo of our "little" brother Denham pretty much sums him up - caring, manly, and an undeniable love for others. This picnic dinner would not have been as memorable without him. 


As you can see we are pretty happy if you give us a creek and good food mixed with a little late evening sunshine and comfortable walking shoes :) If you thought UGG just made boots, let us be the first to tell you that you are seriously missing out on their killer sandal line. What are you walking in these days?