Father's Day

I remember as a little girl dreaming of who my husband might be. Tall? Dark? Blonde? Handsome? Blue eyes? Brown eyes? Singer? Dreamer? I even remember journaling and writing letters to God praying for my husband when I was young. Praying that he would love Jesus, want children one day, love his family and laugh a lot. To be honest, I wanted him to be like my dad. 

My dad was one of my heroes and still is. He worked hard to provide us with an amazing education, he sang to us at night, he built with us kids in the backyard and took us on weekend bike rides. He fixed things, he made funny jokes and he always gave the best directions!

Because of the example my dad set, I had high expectations for my own husband. When I reflect on this list, I realize I landed an incredible man to be the father of my children. He sings to my kids (actually has an incredible voice and doesn't even know it!), makes us laugh, fixes everything, builds my crazy plans, plays with our kids, makes us laugh and most importantly, loves Jesus! 

I am humbled to honour two amazing men this Father's Day. I know this day must be hard for others; those of you who have lost or mourn or simply don't have a father to love. However I still think there is an opportunity to recognize the incredible sacrifice, provision and love that the men in our lives give. 

I put together a small basket of ideas and maybe one will jump out at you to help you honour the man in your life. Something small, something big, something handmade, something written, something personal or something from the heart. 

1. Papasaurus, Daddy Cuddle, You and Me, Me and You - Chronicle Books
2. Starling Candle - The Starling Project
3. Colori Classic Chefs Set - Kuhn Rikon
4. Grey Glass Core Bottle - Zoku
5. Black Cube Sauce Pan - Frieling