A picnic in the Meadow

There is something about sunny mornings that make us want to pack up our kids, give our hair a quick brush, and head outside for a picnic. Our friends over at Good Foods make delicious, easy to pack dips and snacks that are perfect for a morning picnic with our kiddos.

We tried both their chunky and greek yogurt guacamole and both are refreshingly delicious. If you want a good salad to eat on its own or to add to a fresh bun, try their cranberry almond chicken salad. It was amazing!

Have you had a picnic lately? There is something so wild and whimsy about sitting amongst wildflowers chatting about sleepless nights and funny kids sayings. So, pack up a blanket, a few dips and snacks from Good Foods and find a grassy spot to enjoy some early morning sunshine. 

I mean look at that Guacamole! The chips and peas were just an excuse to dip into it. We secretly wanted to dip our fingers in :) Good Food's dip are portable and easy to open and serve. Trust me, we are always looking for quick, easy prep, healthy snacks for our kids!

Thank you Good Foods! You make picnicking easy, and snacking delicious!