Kinsley is 1

A day late...but who is counting?! My baby girl is one! Even as I type these words I cannot believe she is one already. Where does the time go? I always see other parents posting on Instagram or Facebook commenting on how time flies - and then it hits you! Like a ton of bricks. My baby is one. What an incredible year it has been. We are so blessed to have a healthy, joyful, little girl as a part of our family. It was a special day to get together with family and friends to remind Kinsley just how loved she is. 

I decided to make a waffle bar for Kinsley's birthday. It is a lot of work the morning of, but I had amazing help and I loved how it all came together. Our friends at Talking Tables sent us gorgeous floral decor for her party and I loved all of the details. 

Tasty indeed! These cute little canopy flags reminded all our guests to dive in and help themselves for a tasty treat. 

These mini floral canape plates were perfect for resting our serving spoons. Extra dollop of whip cream please!

Our guests were refreshed by delicious Sparkling Ice drinks and we had a fruit platter for any guests who weren't able to eat waffles.

This Party Time Gold Balloon Birthday sign made my home feel like a party! The best part was, there was no helium required! They all blow up so easily, then you simply string them up and they become a show stopper!

As I scroll back through the pictures one last time my heart is full. I am reminded just how truly blessed my family is to have sweet little Kinsley. Time flies. So I want to savour each minute, enjoy the little things and celebrate the big moments of our kid's lives.

Thanks Talking Tables for making her day beautiful and special! It is a moment I will treasure for years to come.