Stockings for Her

I am a traditions girl and love continuing them on with my own family. Every year my hubby and I do stockings for each other and I love it. I remember our first year married, on Christmas morning, I went to open my stocking and every single present was wrapped! When my husband opened his stocking, all of his presents were not wrapped! It's so funny how traditions can be so similar yet so unique to different families.

This year we will fill eachother’s stockings with some of our traditional staples; orange in the bottom, deodorant, socks (lots of socks!), coffee and then a few treats we have fallen in love with this year. 

adult stockings 2017-6.jpg

1. Peeled Snacks - I first tried these at Target and loved them! They make bags of dried fruit with no added sugar. My favourites are their dried mango, dried banana-mango-pineapple combo, and their dried apple chips! Such a yummy snack.

2. Aveeno - This is my go-to daily lotion. I use it on my face, on my kids, on my hands...I love that it is gentle enough to use on everyone in my family. 

3. Alumier - A new brand of sunscreen I am so excited to try! I am very picky when it comes to sunscreen because I want to be fully protected but I don't want my skin to feel oily. I love that it has a tint so it can double as both my sunscreen and foundation for the day. Perfect treat to slip into a stocking for someone who loves to travel or loves the sun :)

adult stockings 2017-4.jpg

4. Primal Kitchen - They make my favourite dressings! These dressings have so much flavour and with no sugar added I am constantly using them for lunches, dinners and even as marinades. They are perfect for the foodie in your family! I literally love them all but my absolute favourite is the Green Goddess (and Honey Mustard is a close second)!

adult stockings 2017-5.jpg

5. Fruits and Passions - I fell in love with their hand soap earlier this year (Sea Salt and Amalfi Lemon...amazing) and their holiday collection is the perfect stocking stuffer. These ornament shaped foaming baths are adorable! 

adult stockings 2017-2.jpg

6. Klorane Dry Shampoo - This busy momma lives for Dry Shampoo! Klorane uses an oat milk formula that soaks up all the oil in your hair. Umm...yes please . They also have a complete range of products that are specifically tailored for your hair style (oily, dry etc.). Love that personalization!

7. Kind - These snacks have been our favorite for a while and you can always find one (or more) in our purse or diaper bag. With so many different flavors, you can throw a few in any stocking this year for a healthy alternative to all the treats we find ourselves eating at Christmas time.

adult stockings 2017-9.jpg
adult stockings 2017-8.jpg

8. L'Occitane - I love surprises! So these christmas crackers from L'Occitane are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone your list. Inside are three mini bottles of a variety of items including soaps, hand care, foot care, lotion, etc. What an incredible idea for Christmas! (There was even some almond milk products in one.....hint hint) 

adult stockings 2017-11.jpg

9. Pur Gum - We have huge love for this Canadian company. Mostly because they make incredible products with colourful and fun packaging! This year, PUR Gum came out with PUR popcorn and we are constantly munching on the sea-salt and sweet and salty. However, we first fell in love with the PUR company when we were both pregnant. We were looking for an aspartame free gum to chew and found a bag of peppermint at HomeSense. We have been hooked ever since!

adult stockings 2017-10.jpg

10. Elizabeth Arden Grand Mascara - Being that this mascara comes in a red bottle, what a perfect Christmasy product to slip into a stocking. Plus, it is incredible for adding volume and really helping you making that grand entrance into a room. Trust me, I have hardly any eyelashes so I can use all the help I can get!

adult stockings 2017-12.jpg
adult stockings-20.jpg

11. Rocky Mountain Chocolate - For us, a must in our stocking is chocolate. But not just any chocolate, good chocolate. You know what I'm talking about! The box that you hide from your kiddos because it is just too good to share! The chocolates you eat hiding in the bathroom so no one finds out :) (just kidding.....kind of). Rocky Mountain Chocolate creates so many yummy chocolate. Our favourites are their Nut Clusters, Almond Bark, Peanut Butter Cups and their signature holiday boxes! A new item they created this year was their Pinnacle Gift Boxes. These contain a little bit of everything: Reindeer Poop, Chocolate bar, Gingerbread man, Holiday Peak box, Brittle and much more. A perfect gift for anyone on your list!