Treasure Moments with Lucy Darling

I can't believe that it is already time to start planning Kinsley's first birthday. Is she almost one already? I always find myself wishing for the day when she would be able to sit by herself, sleep through the night, stand by herself, but then the moment comes and I want time to pause. I don't want to forget these moments and they will forever have hold of my heart. However, taking time to write in my children's treasure books has always been important to me. When I found out Lauren was pregnant, the first thing I ordered for her was Lucy Darling's new Baby Memory Book. I loved the illustrations, the colours, the writing and all of the love and details in the book and knew it was a must for her child. Funny part is, I was also pregnant at the time, neither of us knew if we were having a boy or a girl and I bought one girl and one boy Memory book from Lucy Darling. Turns out, I had a girl and she had a boy - match made in heaven! 

Lucy Darling-6.jpg

Lucy Darling was started by a mom who was a graphic designer but switched gears after she had her first child to baby prints, cards, board books, memory books and other baby items. Lucy Darling has beautiful artwork, illustrations and gorgeous colours in all of their pieces. This California board book was the perfect addition to Cairo's library as Palm Springs is a yearly hot spot for our families. 

The Animal Lover Memory Book is absolute perfection. They have the cutest little animals, vibrant colours and whimsical fonts throughout the book. It also has all the information pages you need to document and remember the most treasured moments, but leaves room for you to add your own ideas on the back pages as well. 

For me, Lucy Darling was the perfect gift choice for my sister when she was expecting. Lucy Darling has now expanded their brand and offer the cutest gift ideas such as closet dividers, birthday books, and monthly stickers. I love companies that just "get it". Lucy Darling hits a home run each time. Tonight I will be filling in Kinsley's 11 month page - 11 months!! Where does the time go? Thanks Lucy Darling for helping me remember some of life's most treasured moments. 

P.S. They have a NEW baby girl and baby boy Memory Book on their website. I am in love with the  Little Love Memory Book - If I have another girl.....just saying :) 

P.P.S. No I am not pregnant!