All Dressed Up

The Christmas excitement is at an all time high in our house. We are so blessed to have many family members who live close to us so the holidays are a busy and wonderful time. I find most years I end up wearing black when I get all dresed up for Christmas Eve service or Christmas dinner, but this year I relaxed the reigns a bit and went for a softer Christmas palette when choosing everyone’s Christmas outfits. 

marshalls christmas dressy-5.jpg

Doesn't take much to excite Jake these days. At even the sight of a present he is all in! I love the burgundy tones in his plaid shirt. It has a wintery, cool feel but I can button it up and add a bow tie for Christmas eve service or keep it open with a darker tee underneath when he is ready to play. Kinsley's top I immediately fell in love with as it has a beautiful light pink embroidery detail just under the collar. The ruffles add a bit of charm and elegance but the material is comfortable and cozy for her. 

marshalls christmas dressy-4.jpg

Wayne and I couldn't have chosen more classic colours - boy blue and girl pink!! However I love how the colours play off of Kinsley's darker top and the burgundy in Jake's plaid button up. I used to think family photos meant everyone wore the same colour (I still have an all blue O'Reilly family photo that I love), but now I think it is beautiful to add different textures, colours and patterns when coordinating outfits. 

marshalls christmas dressy-3.jpg
marshalls christmas dressy-8.jpg
marshalls christmas dressy-9.jpg

These shoes!!! Winners and Marshalls always have incredible deals on shoes. I loved the strappy detail of these blush pink suede flats, complete with a gold zipper detail at the back. Wayne's neutral coloured shoes will work with so many different outfits and are the perfect accessory for all of our Christmas functions. 

marshalls christmas dressy-6.jpg

It's always a mad dash getting everyone dressed, out the door, and off to our Christmas events. However, this year at least I know our outfits are already planned and were so affordable at Marshalls and Winners. Kinsley's 2 piece outfit was $16!! That’s a steal in my books.