Raincoast Summer Books

Well, we are packing up for a week away at Family Camp which means we will be playing tetris in our cars the next few hours making sure every thing fits.

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Two things we always make sure we have with us on long road trips is books for our kids and snacks. Today we are heading to Bulk Barn and brining our reusable snack cups to fill up with a variety or healthy snacks (and a few treats) for our kids to munch along the way.

However, whenever we go on road trips we always make sure we bring along a few of our favourite books and often I surprise the children with a couple new books.

Raincoast Books has some incredible stories for children that would be perfect to bring along any summer road trip. Here are a few of our favourite new items:

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Ice Cream Scoop Puzzle - Ok, so this isn't a book but it is an adorable puzzle that is perfect for summer. The pastel colours and child sized pieces are perfect for little hands.

Raincoast july 19-1.jpg

Around The World Doodle Book - A wonderful choice to bring while travelling. Each page has a new doodling activity inspired by different places all over the world.

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Baby Orca: Finger Puppet Book and Baby Sloth: Finger Puppet Book - Kovie and Rayne will love this book! This mini board book series has a finger puppet built into the book that helps tell the story on each page. This would be a perfect book for older siblings to read to their new baby brother or sister.

Raincoast july 19-6.jpg

Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt for Kids - This book is by Priddy Books and we always love their writing. This bright, colourful board book is one you will have for years on your bookshelf. Each page has a list of different items to find on different themed pages. We love this one because it is engaging for children but also helps them learn how to count.

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Look for some of these new titles at your local Indigo or online at Amazon.ca and let us know which is your favourite.