The Stockings are hung!

Ok mamas....we have a beautiful line up of amazing stocking stuffer ideas for children! Growing up in our family, handmade stockings filled with surprises and treats were a highlight for us on Christmas morning. Our mom handmade each of us 5 children (yes there are 5 siblings in our family - a rare and beautiful occurrence) a stocking that we hung every Christmas. I remember pulling out stick-on earrings, lip smackers, stickers, chocolate bells and of course, the orange in the bottom every year! Now that I have my own kiddies, I love filling their stockings. Today we have an amazing line up of stocking stuffer goodies to inspire you as you fill your own child's stocking this year. 

We teamed up with West Coast Gardens, a local nursery, to create our festive and fresh garland for our shoot. Anything fresh is always better (in my opinion), so we created a garland using some fresh greenery including Cedar and Eucalyptus. The mini trees in the birch pot holders were the perfect size Christmas trees for our little ones. The festive punch of the rose pink Poinsettia was a beautiful splash of Christmas in our stockings corner. We created this garland ourselves, but West Coast Gardens has all the materials you would need and inspiration to create one of your own. 

Kinsley was in awe of the white lights and ornaments. I remember her being a newborn at Christmas last year and not too sure of all the changes around her. This year, she is loving it all. I can't wait to see her open her stocking Christmas morning. 

Yay for amazing adjustable headbands from Arrow and Lace Designs reminding everyone Kinsley is a girl, not a boy!

Cairo loved pulling his mini tree on the sled. He is walking all around the house now and this mini sized tree from West Coast Gardens was the perfect size for him. 

We teamed up Janie and Jack to dress our children in these adorable matching Christmas Pajamas. Christmas eve our children open one gift and it is always a new pair of jammies to wear that evening. These would be the perfect Christmas morning outfit!

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory were a hit for Cairo and Kinsley. A little bit of salty, a little bit of sweet and a good crunch is the perfect combination. 

I always remember reaching down to the bottom of our stockings when we were little for the precious chocolate bells. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's Christmas bells and balls are the perfect surprise in the bottom of your child's stocking.  

Kinsley loves music and one of her favourite songs is "Let it Go" so she was tickled when she saw Anna and Elsa on the cover of her bandaid box. Bring on the booboos and the owies :). I love how Johnson and Johnson makes themed bandaids such as Finding Nemo, Star Wars, Frozen etc. so my children are actually excited when they need to put a bandaid on. 

One of my favourite toy companies is Guidecraft. My boy (and girl to be honest) loves any vehicle that moves. Guidecraft's wooden trucks and vehicles are the perfect size for little hands.  We are going to throw a few into our sons' stockings and keep a few for gifts to others. I love the durability of wood with these trucks and vehicles since I know my son and daughter will be playing with these on the daily!

Seriously, the details on these trucks are amazing and I love that they are wooden!

Our children love to snack and Replay's Christmas coloured snack stacks are the perfect choice for stockings this year. They are made from recycled plastic, are reusable, and perfect for snacking around the house and on the go. We love that you can pick any colour and that they can stack to save room in your cupboard or diaper bag. 

As Jake gets older I love watching his imagination grow and develop. Lately he has been telling stories with cars, trucks and animals. Safari TOOBS are long tubes that slide in perfectly to a stocking.  They are filled with educational animal figurines for children to imagine, create and play with. Our kids loved the farm babies, zoo babies, arctic animals and penguins! You can pick a TOOB with a mixed assortment of animals such as Safari, or be more specific and choose a Toob filled with different types of Sharks. 

Cairo and Kinsley both kept reaching for the frosty in the Christmas TOOB from Safari. We all need to learn to share at some point right! Might as well learn young. 

Both of us sisters are teachers and appreciate a good book. We love reading to our kids and it was important to us to make sure we put a few books into our kids stockings as well. Priddy Books publish books for babies, toddlers and young children. Priddy Books sprinkle in key concepts for young children and presents them in such a beautiful and engaging way. Their "Follow Me" book is a maze that children can use their finger to follow the trails. They also create activity books such as sticker books, learning activities and books that develop children's language and vocabulary. 

Stocking Stuffer List

Priddy Books - First 100 Trucks, Home Sweet Home, Colors, Follow Me, Trucks, My Big Animal Book

Super Genius Alphabet - matching game for learning the alphabet

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree, Chocolate Bells, Pretzel Sticks, Milk Chocolate Snowman

Replay - Stackable Snack Cups

Safari -Toobs of Animals: Penguins, Arctic, Farm Babies, Zoo Babies

Johnson and Johnson - Finding Nemo and Frozen Bandaids, Baby Body Wash, Baby Shampoo, Excemza Body Wash

Guidecraft - Wooden Vehicles and Trucks

Janie and Jack - Matching Fair Isle Pajamas 

West Coast Gardens - Fresh Garland and Greenery, Poinsettias, Mini Trees

Arrow and Lace Designs - Kinsley's headband

We hope these ideas inspire you to think outside of the box for stocking stuffer ideas for your kids. These items are all from companies we love, use in our own home and support! Happy shopping!