A Motherly Celebration

Mother’s Day is just about upon us and once again we are reminded of the powerful job we have as mothers as well as the work that our mothers did for us (and still do). To be given children is such a gift, but also to be motherly to the neighbour down the street or to a friend’s children can be life changing in our world. We love Mother’s Day as a reminder, to say thank you to those who have had an impact in your life and also encouraging other moms around you.

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We put together a lovely little celebration in honour of Mother’s Day. Some of our favourite local companies and our favourite brands, together, created a gorgeous tablescape that would be the perfect backdrop for Mother’s Day.

Mommy and Me 19-1.jpg

As mothers we work hard. Some days are harder than others and some days are just pure bliss. We wanted to take some time out of our week to pamper ourselves with a good meal (that we did not have to make) and share some self-care items that we really love, all of which would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Often we forget to carve out some time for ourselves during the week and it is always so life-giving to take an hour break here and there.

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Our local JD Farms in Langley is a wonderful hidden gem. They sell meats, cheeses, breads and other specialty items as well as offer fresh bistro items daily. We created a beautiful charcuterie board featuring different types of local pepperoni sticks, smoked turkey, havarti and cheddar cheeses from JD Farms. Our kiddos especially loved their bran, carrot and banana nut muffins that were incredibly moist and delicious.

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Our delicious lunch from JD Farms, finished off with wraps. We enjoyed the Turkey Cesar, Thai and Smoked Turkey. JD Farms is a local business that has been offering deli and bistro wholesome meal solutions for over 30 years. They are best known for their turkeys in which they feed only non-genetically engineered grain with no anti-biotics to families and retailers in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. We got to taste their delicious food first hand and we plan to go back to take in a meal on their outdoor patio.

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When we were hunting for the perfect Mother’s day treats, we found these little vegan pink lemonade candies from Squish and they are the perfect little candy to pop in for that 3pm sugar pick me up! We also tried their vegan prosecco bears so if someone you love prefers gummy candies then pop a pack of these into your gift. Squish is a Canadian company from Montreal and we love supporting other Canadian businesses. Squish offers a “You’re a Star” mix, Vegan Flamingle, or “Weekend Vibes” which are the cutest candies and would make the perfect gift or weekend treat.

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To compliment our charcuterie board, we added a variety of crackers from Simple Mills. Simple Mills makes the BEST gluten-free crackers I have ever tasted and they are a staple in our home. Our personal favourite is the Fine Ground Sea Salt, however we recently tasted the Smoky BBQ Cheddar, Farmhouse Cheddar and Rosemary and Sea Salt and they are all AMAZING! We have tried many different gluten-free crackers and no other brands even come close in delivering on the exceptional flavour and delicious crunch from Simple Mills Crackers. We buy the big double pack from Costco in Bellingham and you can order them from Nature Market online. They also offer Gluten-free baking mixes and we can’t wait to try the Brownie and Chocolate Chip cookie box!

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All of these beautiful flowers you see are from Floral Support and we couldn’t recommend them more! If you saw on our instastories, we went to visit them and they have such a vast selection of wholesale flowers that are locally grown and just gorgeous! Rachel, one of the owners along with her dad, is the loveliest woman and is so helpful when picking the right colours and varieties. She offers excellent prices for bunches for those of you who love to DIY or Floral Support can also make your arrangements for your special day or event as well. Floral Support grows some of their products as well as purchases from local growers to support the community - love this!

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We also curated a box of special goodies to take to our homes and use in our own time of pampering. I personally have tried a few different brands of dry shampoo (a necessary staple in my house) and I keep coming back to Klorane’s Dry Shampoo. I find it cleans my hair and eliminates any oily parts but still adds volume and texture to my straight hair. And I just had a newborn so who has time to wash hair in the shower these days?!

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We had to include some PUR gum and mints because we eat/chew this daily. It’s nice to have a pack in your purse so you can pop one in after a coffee and PUR gum is made without aspartame which is our favourite part! The flavours are amazing and you can now find them at so many local grocery stores in the gum section or even at Home Sense sometimes :)
There are so many body care companies out there but we really do love Fruits and Passion and these products we wanted to try this month are made in Canada. We cannot wait to take some time to ourselves and draw a bath using their milky foaming bath as well as their bath bombs this Mother’s Day. The flavours we are loving lately are Grapefruit Guava and Orange Cantaloupe!

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Our last edition to our Mother’s Day box is a Guided Journal by Emily Ley. If you are a planner and an organizer you have probably heard of the Emily Ley Planner. It is gorgeous and so carefully created with everything you need to plan out daily, weekly or monthly details. Emily’s latest project is her Guided Journal which encourages you to reflect, evaluate and assess your dreams, hopes, and future plans you have for your life. Emily’s questions are thought provoking and remind you of what is important to help you prioritize. Everything is laid out in a beautiful array of colours and fonts and most importantly, encourages moms to give themselves and others grace.

Hopefully some of these ideas inspired you as you put together a meaningful gift or experience for your mom or anyone who has shown you motherly love on Mother’s Day.