St Patty's Day: Our O'Reilly Roots

Happy St. Patty's Day!
We come from a long family line of Irish roots (ahem...our maiden name was O'Reilly) and although we aren't really into the green beer, we thought green and white milkshakes was the way to say cheers to the "luck of the Irish"!

Funny thing about our Irish roots is that way down our ancestry line on our dad's side, our last name used to be Reilly. When our family immigrated from Ireland in the early 1900s, the Canadian customs agency added the O' for a reason we will never know and that was that! Reilly changed to O'Reilly for good and the rest is history. 

We got some green Pur gum as a St. Patty's day treat for us older folk but let's be honest....I definitely finished Jake's milkshake! We always choose Pur gum over any other type of chewing gum because it not only doesn't contain aspartame, but is also made with high quality ingredients that anyone can eat (Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut and peanut-free). 

Pur Mints! Have you tried them yet? They last for so long and are a great breath refresher to have in your purse or car. Pur enough even the smallest of hands can enjoy!. I trust these mints for even the smallest in my household because they are sugar-free and naturally flavoured. 

Pop in some minty fresh gum or make yourself a green vanilla milkshake and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!