Happy 1st Birthday Cairo!

It was a big year. It always is with a first born and ours was no different. Our son Cairo came a day early on October 26, 2015 and like they all say, our lives were changed forever.


1. Cairo's favourite activity is sleeping. Seriously. At 2 months old I would not have said this.
2. He's been walking while holding our hands since 6 months old - waiting for him to let go soon for good.
3. If he could be any celebrity he would be "Elf" because "smiling is his favourite".
4. He dropped in weight from 2 months to 4 months and ever since then we get to do extra doctor check-ups. The best of times. 
5. Bath time used to be a relaxing time for this mama but now consists of Cairo consistently trying to stand up = aka not relaxing.
6. Cairo is exceptionally talented at eating. There is no difference between snack time and meal time for him.
7. We have started Bear Crawling as another means of transportation.
8. Fifteen. the number of flights Cairo has been on in the past 12 months. He is a champ.
9. Lately Cairo will stop holding onto furniture and start walking to us if we are nearby (Usually when we aren't looking which creates mini heart attacks each time for David).
10. He is the best thing David and I have ever accomplished. Parenting is crazy but so fun. 

We had an awesome party last weekend celebrating our boy and we had a lot of help from Talking Tables for almost all of the decor you see. I went with a blue ombre theme and their coastal range was a perfect pairing. Sparkling ICE provided refreshments as we served up some light snacks to all of our guests.

AH! These felt balls on a string are from the company The Strand and it was perfect to match our blue ombre theme. I found @thestrand on Instagram and thought these felt balls on string were so unique and beautiful. Check her out and use some as decor in a nursery or dressing up your party table or mantle.

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY CAIRO  -  we couldn't love you more.