We made it to Winnipeg!

Winnipeg holds quite a few memories for not only my husband (he was born and raised there), but for us as a couple. We had our first date there and actually spent most of our dating relationship in Winnipeg so of course it felt like walking down memory lane as we visited friends, family, and familiar places. 

Bridge Drive-In is the best ice-cream place in town mainly because of the level of creaminess - 10/10. We never miss an opportunity to go! It's such a joy to take Cairo to special places in Winnipeg, andI think David was extra proud to show Cairo parts of his hometown for the first time.

We haven't been to Winnipeg in two years because last summer I was pregnant and wasn't quite into travelling at 30 weeks to a hot and humid Winnipeg summer. This time we had to check out Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea, a new coffee place in Winnipeg that an old friend of my husband has started. It did not disappoint, make sure you stop in if you ever find yourself in Winnipeg and be sure to order their vanilla latte. 

There are so many special places I could write about but while we are here we are soaking up as much time with family and friends as possible. Come back tomorrow to see how I packed all the essentials for this trip!