New Patio Seating for Summer

Summer is here and we are basically living outdoors! Cairo wakes up in the morning and immediately asks to go outside and I am always game. Anyone else agree that parenting is just easier in the summer months? 

Wayfair june 18-7.jpg
Wayfair june 18-6.jpg
We finally got some seating outside from Wayfair Canada and this Real Flame Baltic Loveseat is perfect for our small backyard. It fits two comfortably and is also super lightweight (because of its aluminum frame) so we can move it from our patio area up onto the grass easily. Basically it just feels like we have the comfiness of an indoor couch but outdoors - perfect for summer. 
Wayfair june 18-8.jpg
Wayfair june 18-5.jpg

I've been sitting outside after the kids are in bed and have just been in heaven with these sweet summer nights. It feels like we have an extra little room outside because our landlords just renovated both patios so it was great to put in this new loveseat and enjoy some warm nights outside with some fruit and wine. 

Wayfair june 18-3.jpg
We added these Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows from Wayfair Canada to complete the loveseat and I love the colour it adds to the white/grey couch. I'm on the hunt for a nice throw that I can use when the nights are a bit chillier and some side tables to complete our patio!
Wayfair june 18-2.jpg
Wayfair june 18-1.jpg

Cheers to an easy summer of parenting; full of late nights and early mornings which are both survivable because the sun is usually shining :)