Celebrating Memorial Day with Gymboree

Yes, we are Canadian and love, LOVE Canada, but we have many American friends whom we love. So, in honour of them, we teamed up with Gymboree to show off our Canadian and American style. 

To be honest, we love celebrating any occasion - Birthdays, Holidays, Happy Mondays, National Ice-cream day - if there's a party, we are there.

We love Gymboree's Red, White and Cute line as it screams patriotic love! To celebrate Memorial day and show off our patriotic spirit, our families will enjoy the great outdoors. North America is such a beautiful continent and here in British Columbia we are blessed with trees, lakes, ocean, trails, mountains - beauty all around! 

Check out Gymboree's new Red, White and Cute line, dress your children in some red and white, or red, white and blue, find a new adventure this weekend and celebrate as #onebighappy family! Will you head outdoors, have a bonfire, eat some red, white and blue jello? We'd love to hear your favourite outfits and how you will celebrate this weekend. Happy Memorial Day from Jane & Shelin and Gymboree


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