Woodland Park Zoo

You guys, can you believe we live just three hours away from Seattle and had never been to the Woodland Park Zoo?! This summer we crossed off one of the items on our kids' bucket lists and we gathered our two families and visited the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. 

I've had many friends tell me that it is awesome but I guess you just never really know until you actually visit yourself. Wow! We were blown away by all of the animals, architecture and exhibits at the Woodland Park Zoo. 

woodland zoo-4.jpg

It was a hot day, like really hot, but honestly there is so much shade coverage at the Woodland Park Zoo that we were never felt over heated which was amazing. It was also way bigger than I had imagined and each area was cleverly designed and created. This bridge was near one of our favourite parts, where we saw the Grizzly Bears and otters swimming. There is this large glass enclosed room where you can see underwater and our kids loved it!

woodland zoo-2.jpg

There were so many beautiful animals at the Woodland Zoo. Unfortunately we couldn't see the lions, but we saw so many amazing animals like giraffes, kangaroos, bears, penguins, zebras, snakes, tigers, komodo dragons, etc. 

woodland zoo-8.jpg

We basically did one big loop of the zoo and then went back through all the little trails and connecting paths. Our kids loved every minute of it and there is even a playground in the middle of the Zoo!

woodland zoo-5.jpg

Our unofficial tour guide always let us know which animal we were on the hunt for next! Jake's highlight of the day was hanging out in the Rainforest. He saw so many different coloured snakes, mini poison dart frogs and the most beautiful toucan! 

woodland zoo-11.jpg
woodland zoo-12.jpg

However, Kinsley and Cairo's favourite place of the day had to be the penguin exhibit. There was this beautiful glass wall so everyone could watch the penguins swim, dive into the water, waddle around with the other birds and come swim right up to the glass! We literally had to peel these two away for lunch! They would have stayed there for hours. 

woodland zoo-14.jpg
woodland zoo-7.jpg

It really was a magical day. The Woodland Zoo is the perfect family day. They have places to rest along the way, places to eat, little hidden tunnels and caves for kids to explore and almost every animal you can think of to visit! The grounds are stunning as there is fresh greenery, flowers, trees and vegetation throughout the whole park. Thank you Woodland Zoo for hosting our families and helping us create memories we will not forget. 

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