Impromptu Tea & Scones

Some mornings start with a grande, non fat latte from Starbucks, others start with an invitation from our mom. The invites from mom are our favourite. The weather has been outdoing itself lately, so naturally our mom wanted to soak in the sunshine. When we arrived, she looked at our faces and said "It looks like its a homemade scone and tea" kind of morning. We are always amazed that she can whip up a fresh homemade treat in no time at all.

Fresh homemade scones combined with Tetley tea, homemade strawberry jam and butter on the patio.  We wanted to invite everyone over because they were just that good.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.
— Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

After our morning chat, we witnessed the most precious moment between Jake and Cairo. Jake kindly went over to Cairo in his exersaucer and he gave Cairo a lovingly glance. A glance that said "I can't wait to play with you when you are older!" Sometimes, these moments feel like they are few and far between as we raise toddlers and babies but they are precious nonetheless.