Competitive genes

You can't really grow up amongst our family members without being competitive. Baseball in the backyard, beach volleyball, settlers of catan, canasta, wits and wagers, no matter what game it is, we are all in and playing to win.
Jake isn't quite at that level yet but we found a few games that are right up his alley!

These two wooden games are from Blue Orange Games. I love that they are wooden because I know my kids can wear and tear on games and the durability of wooden pieces is incredible. Keekee the rocking monkey is a fun one! Jake and I took turns adding pieces to the monkey and trying to balance Keekee without rocking it too much. He loved it when Keekee starting rocking side to side and eventually, all the pieces fell off! 

Froggy Boogie was our second game we played. This game is a bit more complex but perfect for early childhood and early elementary aged children. There was a bit of everything in this game: fine motor development, memory and colour identification. Jake loved checking the frogs eyes. 

Since going from one to two children, I find I really treasure the moments Jake and I have together when its just us two. I love playing wild and crazy when both kids are up, but there is something about learning and playing a new game with Jake, just him and me, that melts my heart!! I love seeing him explore, learn, wonder and try new things. Every day is a new adventure with him.