Pretty little details with Cake maternity

I have a love/hate relationship with nursing bras. On one hand they are practical and make breastfeeding MUCH easier, but why am I constantly unsatisfied with their comfort, durability, or just overall look? Anybody else have a nursing bra that is a 4 out of 10?

I am so happy we found Cake Maternity and their gorgeous and functional nursing bras. We tried the Cotton Candy Bra which has no wire and is super comfortable to wear all day or for sleepwear to make those middle of the night feedings easy to accomplish (besides the exhausted part - only coffee helps that). We also got to try the Buttermilk Waffle Bra and I felt the prettiest in this one - the details are so elegant and pretty. I snapped some pics of this one (although I'll spare you my postpartum body) so you can see all the pretty details below

These are my essentials for those days where I spend a little bit more time on me and want to feel extra pretty: Taylor Swift perfume, My Buttermilk Waffle Bra, and a necklace that has a bit of pop ;) Oh and flowers. Always flowers.

So throw out that nursing bra that is doing nothing for you and purchase one that you will LOVE wearing!