These two

2 years ago these two were still in our tummies and life was much more uneventful. Huge change always comes when adding another kid to the mix but what a joy it is to witness these two interact on the daily. Sometimes I think they are aware of their level of cuteness and they get a few more treats than we probably should be giving them. YOLO right?

Ever since Kinsley started walking these two have been constantly following each other around. Well, Cairo follows Kinsley, and we just about melt every time. We love these diapers from parasol because they have such beautiful, hand-painted designs but most importantly they are incredibly soft and safe for our kids! Parasol also makes wipes and they are just as wonderful as the diapers. The wipes are soft and gentle on our babies' skin and the packaging is so gorgeous. It helps make the not-so-glamourous parts of motherhood a little bit happier :)

Can we just compare the thighs on these two! Might we remind everyone that doctors were quite concerned with Cairo's weight in his first 9 months of life. Needless to say we are not concerned anymore.

Always snacking. Their current favourites are Cheerios, Craisins, or a little handful of popcorn. A well balanced diet.

Bare skin and babes are hard to beat. Trying to slow down and enjoy this fun diaper stage with these babes. Oh and Kinsley, I'll hold you in my arms all day if you promise to stay little forever!