Learning about Space

Lately our kids have been interested in space. I love jumping onto a theme or subject that they have questions about and making that our focus for play that week. Kids activities can last quite a bit longer when your kids are truly interested in the subject so we try and run with whatever they are loving that week/month.


Playmobil recently launched a new Space exploration line of toys that our children love. The Mars Mission Rocket with Launch Site is incredible! There are so many interactive features and opportunities for children to create their own stories and scenes for play. Jake loved the launch countdown feature and that the rocket ship can break away from the space ship.


The quality and durability of Playmobil is why we love this company so much. As a parent, I am more inclined to purchase toys that I know will last for childhood - which is rare to find these days. My mom still has vintage Playmobil toys that her grandkids come and play with at her house. That is incredible to me which is why we invest in brands like Playmobil.