Shop Local : Tessa Hughes

I'm always on the hunt for comfortable shirts or dresses that I can just throw on and feel beautiful in. I found this dress/shirt from Tessa Hughes ; a local shop that manufactures their clothing here in Vancouver. They produce high quality clothing that is versatile, comfy, and functional. Tessa, the woman behind the brand, has an awesome mindset when it comes to women and fashion that I find so contagious (read about it here)

I own the Raglan Dress and I wear it more as a shirt than a dress (maybe because of my height) but it can easily be worn both ways. It is a fantastic shirt to wear when you are pregnant, postpartum, or literally any other day of the week. It is a STAPLE in my closet and I now own two because I love them so much. For nursing moms it is a bonus because it is super easy to nurse while wearing it because of the soft and light fabric.

If u have been looking for a neutral staple for your closet, check it out here Tessa Hughes.

PS. She just announced a T-shirt that is coming out soon.. Yippee! Can't wait!