Love for VTech

You know there are some brands that every mom comes to know and trust. Growing up I know there were certain companies my mom always purchased clothes or toys from because she knew she would get quality product for a good price. Before having children of my own, I hadn't heard of VTech. For me, having a firstborn son, he was constantly playing with things that moved, made sounds or that could crash into each other.  

vtech fall 2017-1.jpg

I'm not sure if every boy is just born with a love for all things that go, but Jake is no exception. We were so excited to try out Vtech's Pop-a-Balls Push and Pop Bulldozer and it was loved from the start. The bulldozer comes with different coloured balls and actually scoops them up, dumps them in the bulldozer and then pops them back out to be caught. It was quite entertaining! However, Kinsley most appreciated the buttons, music and counting on the side. A little something for everyone.

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Kinsley was our second born so typically you can see her playing with trains, cars, airplanes and diggers along with her brother. So this was so special for her to play with the Shimmering SeaShell Castle. It is gorgeous! The colour palette is stunning and there are so many little secret hiding places and treasures you can find.  Kinsley's favourite part was the dolphin and seahorse and the merry go round they would ride. Kinsley just turned 2 and she could enjoy all of the toy’s  functions by herself! 

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I'd say we saved the best for last because even I was playing along with this set. What I love most about Vtech is once the initial set up is complete, my kids can make tracks, move the cars, and engage with the pieces all on their own. I seldom let have to intervene to help re set something or fix a track. The Go!Go! Smart Wheels Race and Play Adventure Park was epic. You can launch your car to the top of the track and watch him whip around and go upside down on an incredible race track. There are many different engaging points throughout the track including an airplane ferris wheel! A huge hit in our family. 


Which toy would be your child's favourite? Or will they be going on your child's Christmas Wish list this year?