Taste the Rainbow

Last week we had a few dreary days in a row! Those grey Vancouver skies just kept coming. We wanted to add a little brightness to our gloomy day so we put a pause on the rest of life and set out to make some rainbows in our kitchen!

My son is a toddler and can sometimes be picky about what he wants to eat. However, I find whenever I include him in the cooking process or make fun pictures with our food, everything gets eaten. These bright colours make me so happy! So. we worked together with our friends over at Re-Play Recycled and made rainbow lunches on extra special fresh and fun plate sets. The sets are all made in the USA from recycled milk jugs! How cool is that!  Ps. They recently started selling them at Target! As if we needed another reason to go to Target :)

For just a couple extra minutes of our time, we were able to throw together a little rainbow, courtesy of: raspberries, carrots, yellow pepper, cucumber, blueberries and some marshmallows. Seriously not that much extra work for an easy way to cure those rainy blues and to engage your toddler in eating ALL of his lunch.

My heart melts that Jake is able to make Kinsley instantly laugh.  She has so much affection for him it is quite precious. Watching these two siblings grow up together will be one sweet adventure that I am so happy to be a part of. 

FYI: Jake and Kinsley were both eating blueberries and we saw a great photo op so of course we whipped out the camera to snap a cute pic. YOU HAVE NO IDEA how tough it was to get them to both reach for the blueberry bowl. Needless to say I think this was pic number 37. Worth it? every time :) 

Jake's shirt and Kinsley's leggings are both ridiculously comfy (pre-shrunk) and also made in the USA by Joah Love. You may have also seen Kinsley's super cute drool bandana that she was wearing on instagram (see a few posts back) and you can see so many other great options on Joah Love's site here. We love supporting shops that make clothing here in North America.

We come from a family of 5 kids so we know the treasure that comes with having a brother or sister. I think the love these two share will only continue to increase as they grow up.... but I'm secretly hoping they stay this little forever;)