Learning how to Ride A Bike Without Training Wheels

PSA: These bikes are the bomb! It's been a dream of mine to see Cairo ride a bike and I obviously was holding the back of the seat the whole time, but he actually started pedaling when we took these Woom Bikes out on the road for the first time. They are SO simple to put together; essentially tightening one bolt and screwing in the pedals by hand, talk about easy. Jake and Cairo are in love, I even caught Cairo just sitting next to his bike and starring at all the parts of it last week.


These bikes have green and black handbrakes that are designed specifically for kids so that they can remember which handbrake is for front and which is for the back. So practical for kids! 


The best thing about these bikes? They are actually designed for kids to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. The way they are made - with short cranks and a low bottom bracket - help Cairo and Jake to always put their feet on the ground without losing balance. We are excited to see how Jake and Cairo do in the next few weeks with more practice on these bikes!


These 14" bikes (they have sizes for all ages of kids) have arrived just in time for summer and I can't wait to see these besties out on the road shortly, pedalling beside each other! The only question is who will learn how to ride without training wheels first?!