Merry Christmas Eve

Think back to one of those rough nights that you have had as a mom or dad.
You know the one.
Up multiple times in the night, some times for multiple hours.
Maybe multiple kids are awake at 3am.
Oh the joys of parenthood...

For me, that was a few weeks ago. Kinsley had about 10 days in a row of terrible sleeps, and that "terrible" is probably an understatement. I had tried anything and everything and I thought for a last resort I will put her in the same room as Jake. I told her that if she woke up in the night that Jake would be there sleeping in the bed next to her so she would be ok. Magically it worked. Kind of. 

bunkbeds wayfair-5.jpg
Nights don't always go perfectly in our house but these bunk beds have been a huge bonus to helping Jake and Kinsley sleep in the same room and we are finding that they are waking us up less in the night. These bunk bed are from Wayfair Canada and I loved them because: A) They're white :) B) They have a double bed on the bottom! Most bunk beds I found were twin over twin and I loved the extra space on bottom.Β 
bunkbeds wayfair-4.jpg
bunkbeds wayfair-6.jpg
bunkbeds wayfair-7.jpg
bunkbeds wayfair-2.jpg

The ladder is the perfect size for little feet to climb up and down and the space underneath the bed is perfect for storage and hiding extra toys. 

bunkbeds wayfair-10.jpg
bunkbeds wayfair-9.jpg
bunkbeds wayfair-8.jpg

I shared a room with my sister for a few years growing up and we have many fun memories of sharing clothes, swapping toys and chatting into the night. When I take a step back and watch these two climb into their beds at night my heart is full. I love watching them interact and play with each other more and more as they grow up and I love seeing their bond grow stronger. Tonight these two will be nestled all snug in their new bunk beds, dreaming of a magical Christmas morning! I'll probably sneak in late at night and just peak in at these two sleeping angels who are the most perfect gift to me! Merry Christmas Eve!