one milestone after the other

It seems like life is racing by. I'm already back at work (how has it been a year!), I've finished breastfeeding, my son has already taken his first steps (not yet fully walking, but one day...), and it is just about Cairo's first birthday.  T I M E .  S L O W .  D O W N .

One of the best things I've found to not forget these special moments is to document them. Whether it's posting to Instagram, saving photos on my phone, or even using Milestone Baby's Activity Cards - I want to savour these first moments in Cairo's life. It felt like my one year maternity leave (man are we blessed in Canada!) was up in a heartbeat so I'm glad I have these precious memories as a keepsake. Today we baked cookies together for the first time and Cairo also ate his first real cookie! well....2 bites :)

Milestone Baby has a large selection of different cards that are great for keeping memories. Add one to your next baby shower you attend for a unique gift idea that moms will love! And don't be like me and forget to write the date.....currently writing it now!