Baking: Apple Crisp

Our sweet, summer days have turned into crisp, fall mornings here and life just seems a whole lot cozier in the fall!  I''m settling back into routines and fighting to get out of bed on these cooler mornings but to make up for it I opted to do a little bit of baking. I don't bake much in the summer (if at all) so fall brings back homemade muffins, cookies and just about any dessert that I think I can tackle. Today, it was an apple crisp.

My sister and I baked this together while Cairo and Kinsley napped and Jake was playing with a new game. We pulled out our recipe card from Rifle Paper Co. that had all the ingredients and directions for our dessert. We love a good crisp with a few different fruits so we threw in some peaches and raspberries with apples as well.  All of our fruit was cut with our Kuhn Rikon Pairing Knife and wow do these knives make a difference - seriously invest in them, so worth it as we use them every day.

Chelsea had to run to a quick hair appointment and I had to give Cairo some lunch so we let the crisp bake for about 40 minutes. Soon after, we were all back in the kitchen enjoying a quick and easy dessert that doubled as our lunch ;) Talk about yum! Plus, food just tastes better in good company.

One of the best things about baking is that sweet smell that lingers in my kitchen and living room. Its inviting and perfect all at the same time. Grab a few apples if you are out and I bet the rest of the ingredients are in your cupboard already! An easy dessert for these cozy fall days.