"Yucky Things"

"Mommy why are there yucky things on that house?" 

I've been getting this question often from jake lately. Yes, today is Halloween which means some houses have been preparing their homes by decorating. It is funny how children can recognize something is "yucky" without even being taught. A few weeks ago when Jake asked me the first time about a "yucky thing" on a house I realized I had to have a conversation with him.

We chatted briefly about how the "yucky things" were just pretend, how we could turn away and not look at them, and how God is bigger than any yucky thing so we don't need to be afraid. 

I love decorating. I'm the first one on board to decorate for any special event, season. holiday, birthday - you name it - I'd love to throw a party for it. There are so many homes that have fall related decorations and aren't "yucky" for kids to look at. But to be honest, the trees with the barbie heads hanging from them, the bloody hands coming out of the ground and the zombie faces with red glowing eyes - they give me, an adult, a gross feeling. I feel like some decorations for Halloween have gone a bit too far as kids from 0-18 are going to see them and I personally don't think it is a picture children need in their minds.

Last night as we were driving home from a dinner with family, we drove past a few "yucky" decorations. I heard Jake from the backseat say "Mommy where are those yucky decorations?" (We had seen them earlier on a walk around the neighbourhood). I explained they were coming up soon and that he could look the other way if he wanted, reminding him they are just pretend and not real. I didn't hear a response. I looked back a few seconds later and my 2 year old was sitting in his car seat with his eyes closed. My heart melted. 

So today, I am excited for 2 reasons.
1) I get to love on my neighbours by handing out candy.
2) Tomorrow, hopefully all the "yucky things" will come down and my son can drive with his eyes open