5 sweet minutes

Cairo and Kinsley are slowly becoming the best of friends, basically a dream come true for us! They have quite different personalities but whenever they see each other they both light up. Cairo does regularly take toys from Kinsley so it was nice to have a few different ones to try out from Battat Toys, enough for Cairo to share ;)

Cairo and Kinsley could literally walk for days. Our lower backs are loving it. They prefer holding someone's hands as opposed to holding onto furniture but they'll take it as a last resort. If we can get them to sit and play with some toys for 5 minutes, I can't even imagine the things we could accomplish.
We whipped out these 4 balls and it was an instant play time...while sitting. Mission accomplished and our 5 minutes start now!

These Ball-a-baloos come in a set of 4 very unique balls that our babies (can I still call them that?) used as a teether, a rattle, and to play pass with. Cairo loves to play pass (we have him started on a baseball training program lol) and these balls are perfect for his tiny hands because they are easy to grip. It's safe to say these are already his favourite toy. 

Do your kids love garbage day as much as ours? We count down the sleeps until garbage truck day so what better way to fuel this passion than a toy Garbage Truck . We can almost guarantee they will be entertained for just enough time so you can drink that coffee while it's hot.

We also got to try out the Take-Apart 4 x 4 from Battat Toys . I was nervous that it may be too advanced for Jake but he knew right away how to take out the screws and dissasemble the car and drill them back in to put it back together. He did it with ease and it was a little project for him to accomplish - made me proud! 

Oh man this was my personal favourite. The Zany Zoo! Everytime we go into the store Carter's, Cairo was always enthralled by their bead maze table so I have been searching for one for him for the last few months. When I saw that Battat made them I was so happy and they seriously are made with such quality and attention to detail. There are wooden, heavy duty side and top panels and all the little pieces you see are made with wood and beautifully designed. Cairo has actually played with it every single day since we got it - his favourite thing is pushing the wooden beads through the maze. 

Well done Battat, you make greats toys and we highly recommend this and all the other toys our kids got to try today! Did I mention that they are also a Canadian Toy Company?! Even better. You can find their toys at Hudson's Bay, Mastermind Toys, Amazon and at Chapters.