Goat Farm

We like to think of the goat farm in Fort Langley, BC as a hidden gem. Maybe you have been there already or maybe you are hearing of it for the first time - you have to check it out. First off, it's a free activity, need I say more? Second, there is something for everyone - animals to see/feed for the kids and farm fresh eggs to purchase for us moms. Our 7 month olds were just as entertained as our 2 1/2 year old. The added bonus is that right now there are baby goats and chicks to see and yes the goats eat the lettuce right out of your hand. The farm is on the left hand side on Wright St (off of 88th) in Fort Langley, you can't miss it. 

Jake has an all-out body clench when we mention that we are going to go see the goats - it is one of his favourite activities. 

All these log buildings you see built here are play structures for the goats. I think in this housing market the goats have it better than most people!