Adding These to Our Bookshelf

Every night in our home, we read books before bed. Sometimes the kids choose books, sometimes I choose books, but we always read. We start with a picture book and always end with our devotions. I love when my kids become familiar with a book and can almost read it themselves, however there is something special about surprising them with a new story. Here are a few new titles we are loving this spring. 

Bulk Barn And Raincoast-10.jpg

The Boy and the Blue Moon
There is so many great illustrations of space and nature in this book - Jake was immediately drawn to it and it takes you on a little adventure!

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Bulk Barn And Raincoast-12.jpg
Bulk Barn And Raincoast-13.jpg

Bobo & Co. Numbers
We are trying to either identify numbers (Jake) or count everything we see (Kinsley) so this numbers book is just another good resource that is fun for my kids and also incorporates some learning while reading.

Bulk Barn And Raincoast-14.jpg

The Butterfly Dance
A friendship book full of whimsy and colour - the pages are so beautiful and the story is such a great reminder of inclusion; yes please.

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When the World is Full of Friends
This is such a cute story about friendship, fun and working together, and bunnies - perfect just in time for Easter. 

We all have our favourite children's books (you know, the ones we can recite from memory) but I think a few of these are going to be on that list pretty soon.