For the Littlest Hands

Stop growing up sweet girl! She is almost 2 and a half and wants to keep up with her big brother on the daily. We are currently all loving the sunshine in Palm Springs but before I left I pulled out this little Cozy Cottage Home from Calico Critters and let these two create a new little world together. 

calico critters march 18-5.jpg
calico critters march 18-6.jpg
calico critters march 18-8.jpg
calico critters march 18-7.jpg

Calico Critters are not only great for little hands but they have the cutest details! From the bed posts to the tiniest frying pan; each piece is handcrafted for kids and look so life-like. They are timeless and I seriously want every little animal family they have created - so dang cute.

calico critters march 18-4.jpg
calico critters march 18-2.jpg
calico critters march 18-1.jpg

Do you own any Calico Critters? Which animal family is your favourite? Ours has to be the Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family but the Hopscotch Rabbit Family is a close second.