Back to School with Crazy 8

It has been an incredible summer and fall is just around the corner! I love sunshine, the beach, bbqs, fresh fruits and days at the lake, but there is just something about fall that I always look forward to. Usually I am getting my classroom ready for my new batch of kindergarteners, but this year I am taking a break. I made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom and give up my wonderful job as a kindergarten teacher. It was a hard decision, only because I absolutely love my job! I love teaching, I love kindergarten, I love imparting Jesus' love to five year olds and I love the families I get to teach. But when I look at my own kids, I feel incredibly blessed to be their mother and felt called to stay home and focus my time and attention into raising them. 

Crazy 8-7.jpg

So, this fall our "back to school" is looking a little different. I am at home with my two littles, but looking forward to creating some new routines and adventures with my little family. The blessing is my sister is still on maternity leave for a couple months with my nephew, Cairo, so you can be sure we will be seeing them often.

We partnered with Crazy 8 this fall to get our kids ready for "back to school" or "September" with some adorable, comfortable and affordable outfits. Lately I find myself purchasing more outfits rather than a shirt or top on its own. I love having the complete look and then mixing and matching with other items I already own after. The same goes for my kids clothes. Kinsley is rocking Crazy 8's embroidery top, flower skinny jeans, eyelet military jacket (love!) and metallic T-strap flats. I think this fall for Kinsley, I am most excited to celebrate her first birthday! It seems like just yesterday she was born and I am grateful for the joy and laughter she brings to our family. I am sensing some first steps may be coming early in fall for her.

Cairo loves to be walking while holding someones hands. So naturally we found some comfortable yet stylish "back to school" clothes from Crazy 8 that encourage his on-the-go lifestyle. He is wearing grey rocker jeans , a hooded baseball henley and high-top sneakers. This fall we will also get to celebrate Cairo's 1st birthday and I know he will be running after Jake in no time.

Since I will be home this fall for "back to school", I am excited to do some preschool activities with Jake at home. He loves exploring and adventuring but he also enjoys making crafts, reading books and building puzzles. Jake is all set for our outdoor adventures this fall thanks to Crazy 8's sherpa puffer vest, baseball henley, rocker jeans and high-top sneakers.

At the park, I couldn't believe how many leaves were on the ground already! It truly feels like the world is torn between summer and fall right now. A couple days ago it was over 30 degrees Celsius and yet thousands of multi coloured leaves covered the ground. Cairo will be ready for some outdoor play this "back to school" season rain or shine - just don't forget your tee and stripe jacket!

Yes "back to school" season is officially here! Are you excited, nervous, feeling stressed, finished your back to school shopping? We may not have every day mapped out yet or know exactly what each day will bring but we aren't worried. We know two things for sure: 1) Our kids are all dressed and ready for fall thanks to Crazy 8's affordable, stylish and comfortable back to school clothing and 2) These three amigos will be spending a lot of time together. Check out, find a couple beautiful pieces for your kids and let us know which favourite fall styles you purchased!