Family Games Night

Growing up we played a lot of sports (and still do to this day), always having the urge to compete whether it was volleyball, backyard baseball, or a game of HORSE on the basketball court. We may not play sports as often anymore, but our urge to win hasn't died down one bit. Our family is big into playing games, mostly to keep our competitive juices flowing but we also love the comfort that comes with getting a few treats, drinks, and a favourite game to play. Recently, Settlers of Catan has become our most-liked game. So we paired Catan with some yummy snacks from Neal Brothers and drinks from Sparkling ICE and went to town!

Games Night-20.jpg

It wouldn't be games night without a nice, cold refreshing drink! We love having fizzy drinks to pair with a bowl of chips and salsa so we added some Sparkling ICE black cherry and kiwi strawberry sparkling waters. There are seriously so many flavours to choose from! Find the one that is best for you here

All the food you see here is straight from Neal Brothers and we love the unique food items they have. Our favourites were the Organic Pink Salt Popcorn, Sweet & Smokey BBQ Kettle Chips, and Organic Blue Tortillas with Flax Seeds. We discovered them at Nature's Fare Market in White Rock but you can also find them at your local market.

On any given weekday evening you can probably find us playing games, mostly to spark that competitive spirit we have inside of us but also for much-loved time with family. 

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, I won both games! (Lauren)