How to Beat the Heat

We are heading into a  M A J O R  heat wave here in Vancouver, BC and these kiddos are hanging with their daddies this week as we road trip with our little sister! There may be a bit more indoor play than usual with this high heat wave so our families will be breaking open these Safari Toobs (and a few portable air conditioners)!

Safari Toobs come in so many different collections; from animals, to people, to reptiles, to vehicles. Some of our favourite collections are In the Sky, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Ocean Animals and In the Woods.  I love watching our kids create their own imaginary worlds, act out their own stories, and practice making the sound of EVERY animal! 

But the best part is that at the end of our play time, all of the figurines fit back inside the TOOB and the kids can clean up by themselves! Seriously our 1 year olds (well almost 2) can both put all the animals back into the TOOB! Game Changer!!

I love this picture of Kinsley!! It reminds me and her mom how independent she is as she loves to explore and play with her animals for a few minutes by herself. But showing off to me, her Aunty, because she doesn't want everyone to forget about her!! She never misses out on the fun, but loves some quiet time to herself. 

Yes that's my 22 week prego bump. I’m starting to get to the point where when I sit down, I want to stay down for I bring out the Safari Toobs...or a guitar. Both are a win in Cairo's books.

Jake is obsessed with airplanes, airports, anything that flies really, and my heart both laughed and smiled at the same time when I saw him lining up all the planes. It is definitely something I would have done as a child! He would take them one at a time and practice flying them around the yard and then gently bring them back into their spot in line. I love how his mind thinks sometimes! 

Thank you Safari Toobs for making play time fun, engaging and most importantly, easy to clean up!!

P.S. Mommas....these make the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the little ones!!!!