Creating with OOLY

I'm going to warn you now but my excitement level for this post is quite high! If you know me at all you, know I love to create. If I can be creating something new with pretty colours then I am one happy girl. My kids love to use art supplies and because I teach art one day a week, my son especially is always asking if I have any work activities he can do. He always sees me leaving with a bag full of fun supplies and wants to join in. So, when I discovered OOLY, my eyes went all big and googly!

OOLY is an online shop full of fun and unique stationary, art, and craft supplies for adults and kids. They had some of the coolest art supplies I've seen in a while for younger children. 

Their packaging is so bright and fun and made me smile as soon as I opened the box. There is something about a rainbow that always makes me feel like a kid again! Kinsley and Cairo used the star shaped crayons. They were the perfect size for their little hands to grab and the colours were vibrant and beautiful! 

Jake needed very little instruction and began creating almost immediately with very little guidance. He was double fisting it at one point :) OOLY has Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers which are double ended. You colour with one end, then switch it, and colour with the switch-eroo side on top to see crazy new colours! It was a moment of wonder!

Seriously....she isn't even 2.....look at that concentration! It was such a creative morning in our house today!

OOLY has these beautify sketch pads that are being released this month. The paper is thick enough so that colours don't bleed through and the cover is beautiful. 

One of our favourite items was the Chunkies Paint Sticks Yes, paint sticks - they almost looked like markers. My kids love painting, but it does take a lot of work to set up. So some days when you just don't have time to do the whole set up, these Chunkies Paint Sticks are perfect. You get the same paint-like texture, but in an easy twist up (almost like a chapstick bottle) container. No mess, but gorgeous colour results! 

When your kids are young, sometimes its daunting to take out paint or markers as they can get quite messy and you might think, "is it worth it"? OOLY really does make great products that cut down on the mess but still allow your kids to develop those fine motor skills that are so important at a young age. Invest in one or two products to start and go from there and I guarantee you will see the benefits, and some of the best little scribble drawings ever :)