The Best Solution to Runny Noses

The start of 2019 was filled with sickness in our household. As a mom I was just trying to keep it all together, wiping noses and barely keeping up with laundry as well as working full time. Cairo was probably sick for the longest time and got sores on his nose from having to wipe with tissues every 60 seconds because his nose was just a faucet.
As you can imagine, January was just not our most productive month as a family.

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Looking back, I realized I could have probably done a few things differently in regards to taking care of my kids health. First off, my husband and I agreed that we probably should have found some sun during the Christmas break - that usually cures ALL things. 
Second, I wish I had these Boogie WipesⓇ saline nose wipes that we recently found. They are infused with natural saline and make it SO much easier to wipe away all the mucus while remaining gentle on a stuffy nose. Cairo would have benefited huge.
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Cairo agrees that these wipes are much gentler on his nose and can easily grab one when he needs to but Ezri is still young enough where she needs a bit of help. They have a close-top lid to keep them fresh so I also keep a small pack (I chose the 30 count unscented) in my diaper bag for the on-the-go “nosies” as Cairo calls them.

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Now with a teething babe (aka EZRI), I have a few packs of Boogie WipesⓇ saline nose wipes on hand in case Ezri needs them throughout the week. The bonus is that saline is natural and hypoallergenic, it can soothe even the most delicate skin and reduce irritation. They’re alcohol free and made with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E, such a gentle alternative to dry tissues. I bought mine at London Drugs but they are also available at Walmart, Loblaws, Superstore, and Overwaitea.

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