Valentine's Day DIY with OOLY

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are always up for a creative, handmade activity to remind our kids to love others. OOLY makes our favourite art products for children so we laid out our favourite supplies to create simple, beautiful, and easy, handmade Valentine’s Day cards.

OOLY Valentines-4.jpg

We started by cutting our White paper from the Paperworks Sketchbook into smaller rectangles and drew a heart outline in the middle of the card using a white crayon. We then added some simple lines to border the rectangle and the kids couldn’t see the “magical message”. Then, we told the kids to paint over the rectangles with OOLY’s Lil’ Watercolour Paint Pods choosing any colours they would like. It was amazing to watch their face when the surprise of the heart and borders showed up. When you paint overtop of a white crayon with watercolour paints, the crayon resists the paint and you are left with a subtle white shape of what you drew. It was the perfect Valentine’s Day symbol.

OOLY Valentines-3.jpg
OOLY Valentines-6.jpg

When they were finished, we added their friend’s name at the top using OOLY Itsy BItsy Alphabet stickers and their own name at the bottom. These are simple enough that even a three year old could make these for their friends with a little help or an older child could do this independently.

OOLY Valentines-8.jpg

Sending love or a card to someone doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but by using a few simple art products, children can create something beautiful that reminds others that they are thinking of them. Kinsley loved this project so much she began to create more Valentine’s using the Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue and Double 2-in-1 Markers. So grab your best OOLY art products, lay it all out for your children and see what they come up with! It is always beautiful to watch art and creativity in motion.

Items we used and absolutely love:

Double Up 2-in-1 Mini Markers - the best markers to throw in your purse, pack in a suitcase or use at your kitchen table

Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue - Gorgeous pastel sparkle colour and easy bottles, even the tiniest hands can squeeze

Lil’ Water-colour Paint Pods - A gorgeous palette perfect for any craft or art project

Itsy Bitsy Alphabet Stickers - OOLY creates amazing puffy stickers for children which are easy to use even for the littlest hands.

The Paperworks Sketchbook - White, Black, Graph and Kraft - this book has all your paper needs. Pages are bound together or you can use the perforated edge to remove a piece easily.