Breakfast for Dinner

My husband gets up at the crack of dawn most mornings so we rarely have breakfast together. But someone just told us that February is "National Hot Breakfast for Dinner" so I thought what a perfect idea to do a full out breakfast for tonight's dinner!

We partnered with Krusteaz for this particular dinner because who has time to make waffles from scratch? Krusteaz has these ready-made boxes that make it easy to whip up Blueberry Pancakes and Belgian Waffles. We added some fresh blueberries, syrup and whipped cream and had dinner made and ready in about 15 minutes. 

Having a husband who runs his own company can be stressful at times because we don't receive a pay check every two weeks but I'm so thankful that if I need him at any point, he can drop whatever he is doing and come be with me. There is pros and cons to every job, I'm just thankful for the amount of time we get to spend together as a little family.

Everyone always says that Cairo is a mini-David and I actually think its adorable. But, if you look closely, Cairo does have my hair and nose :)

Make some breakfast for dinner this month if you are needing a new meal idea or maybe you are like me and just think it would be fun to do breakfast together as a family! Hit up Krusteaz for those pancake and waffle mixes and you will be set :)