Sharing the love

Happy Love Day!
What a great reminder to not only love the ones that are dear to our hearts but to everyone around us. Yes we should be doing this every day but it's nice to get the calendar reminder :)  

We had all the heart eyes this weekend with our kids and some of their friends, showing some love by sharing some fun new clothes, flowers, and of course some treats with one another! We also had a bit of toy-stealing going on but hey, they aren't perfect.

One of our favourite companies Priddy Books came out with this "Best Friend" book and there is a line that says "You are the milk to my cookie." What a great phrase to bring to life as inspiration for some treat-sharing with our friends.

Isn't she just a doll? #allpinkeverything

These boys have so much fun together (and so do their mamas) and sometimes you just gotta twin it to win it! I have mad love for Beau Hudson and first learned about Beau Hudson from our friend's mama. For me, the fit, colour and shape of their jeans are perfect for my kids. They have these longer black tees that keep these boys looking hip but also comfortable for hours of endless play. Beau Hudson is all about the details and their leather embossed logo is the icing on the cake. 

These faces say it all, we are mamas of boys! This Valentine's Day we wanted to encourage our boys to continue to love on their sisters. I think it's so important to not only teach, demonstrate, and model good behaviour but also to give my children opportunities to practice and learn.

Raindrops on Roses created these stunning mini peach-rose bouquets for our boys to give their little sisters. Yes, we bought the flowers and told our sons to give them to their sisters, but watching both boys having a moment to show their love was truly precious. It was quick, it was fleeting, but it was real. Mary beamed when Hudson gave her the bouquet and she carried it herself the whole way home!

Don't worry, Beau Hudson is not just for the boys. They have so many different options for girls too. Our girls were both so excited for their new pink sweater. It is the perfect length to throw on over any tee, dress, or outfit to add a bit of colour and warmth! My favourite is the little wood buttons on the front. Trust me, if Beau Hudson made these in adult size I would have them in every colour. 

Keep your eyes open today for someone who needs an extra bit of love. Maybe it's in the form of a hug, or a coffee, or a phone call, or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Love is a universal language and even the simplest of gestures can demonstrate an incredible surge of love.