8.5 Week Countdown

Not only has this pregnancy gone by super quickly, but I also feel like I am trying my best to cherish my last two months with just Cairo being the only kid in the house. We had a lot of family time this summer and I even took a trip away with just my sisters, knowing that I won't be going away by myself any time soon. 

But going back to work in late August was pretty rough. Even though I know it's a short period of time, it still stings leaving Cairo in the morning, saying goodbye when he doesn't want me to leave. Wow, my heart. I have huge respect for working moms - it is tough! Being a stay at home mom is difficult in other ways but I personally just find there are so many subtle moments where God just shows up through your kids to bring you the joy, patience, strength, or energy that you needed. I miss that when I'm at work. I'm not saying it doesn't happen at work, of course it does, but for me, it's a whole different ball game when it happens at home with my boy.

shop chews-10.jpg

But, November is coming soon and in a few weeks I'll be off work on maternity leave and there are a few things that I didn't have when Cairo was a baby that I am SO excited to try this time around!

mewborn Essentials-6.jpg

Ok I have always used the Herschel Strand Duffle for my diaper bag but.....did you know that they just came out with the Strand Duffle Sprout?! Yes, Herschel’s very own DIAPER BAG, complete with: tons of pockets (external and internal), a changing mat with pockets, a shoulder strap and a whole bunch more.   * g a m e   c h a n g e r *

mewborn Essentials-2.jpg

The POP!
Not only do these pacifiers have the cutest names and colours, but I just have that feeling they are going to be a little bit life-changing! Doddle & Co made this cleaner pacifier, with a nipple that pops back into its own self-protective bubble when it drops. Like I said, life-changing.
Also can you check out that gorgeous Crib sheet?! That's from Captain Silly Pants and I just love the Peaches & Cream print so much.

mewborn Essentials-4.jpg

Maybe a bit crazy to admit for you locals, but this was my first Jax & Lennon purchase. I bought this Black Pepper Bamboo Boho Dress and that material is oh so cozy - I will be a repeat shopper. I'm trying to figure out if it's softer than these Captain Silly Pants washcloths but I think they have the dress beat - these cloths are like a baby's bum, soft and perfect for baby.  

mewborn Essentials-5.jpg

The Ollie Swaddle is a new product that I have never tried but have only heard good things about from other moms. The biggest takeaway is that this swaddle can actually help baby sleep longer (yes please) and unlike other swaddles, the elastic tie at the bottom makes it easy peasy for diaper changes in the middle of the night. 
Sophie the Giraffe is definitely a toy that I had for Cairo because we all know it's perfect for teething and for baby to grip and hold on to (it has a cute little squeak noise when you squeeze it), especially for those longer car rides when you are trying to keep them awake. I also used Aveeno baby products on Cairo as well, especially their baby shampoo and body wash and you can't beat that baby smell after bath time.
Finally, Covered Goods is a nursing cover that provides 360 coverage, something I didn't have with the cover I used with Cairo. Sometimes I felt that my back was a bit exposed as I was always trying to pull down my shirt at the back with my other free hand. This heather grey one I got is a perfect neutral colour which I really like and the added bonus is that it can be used as a car seat cover, scarf, or shopping cart cover. 

mewborn Essentials-3.jpg

Obviously it is always exciting getting a few new things for the newest babe in the family and I am also grateful that we can re-use some of the stuff we had for Cairo. Here is to hoping the last 8.5 weeks go by just as fast as the first 31.5 ;)