Easter Baskets Inspiration

For our family, Easter Sunday was always an important day. We wore our best dress, put on our fancy shoes, went to church, ate dinner as a family, and always woke up to an Easter basket. I still have my woven Easter basket from when I was a child and every Easter I still put it out hoping a certain someone (ahem - my husband) fills it with a few of my favourite chocolate treats. Easter is not just about chocolate and bunnies and eggs, but as a child I remember the fun and joy in the morning when I saw my Easter basket on the table. Today, I wanted to share a few inspirations with you in case you are putting together a small Easter basket for your child.

1. Be unique and practical - Yes, I love my woven, traditional Easter basket but why not put a few things in something practical that your child can use. Petite Pehr makes these adorable storage bins and drums. They are perfect for holding blankets, toys, books, laundry, balls etc. and Petite has adorable designs! This Blush Pom Pom Bin was perfect for Kinsley and she can use it later in her room to hold her stuffies. For Jake I chose a Large Grey Drum which has a wire rim around the top and soft grey stripe is the perfect neutral for any room! 

2. Invest in Good Chocolate - Lindt Canada makes the most delicious and cutest Easter chocolates. Their Gold Lindt Bunnies are a classic favourite but the Easter Fun Friends pack and the Lindt Carrots are a perfect addition for a little kids Easter basket. I like giving my children good quality chocolate because honestly, I end up eating half of it! (They call it stealing, I call it sharing)

3. Personalize - Growing up my siblings' Easter baskets looked similar to mine, but they were always personalized in some small way. This year Jake loves dinosaurs. I can't believe how many actual names of dinosaurs he knows! So, these Dinosaur animals from Terra by Battat are the perfect personalization to his basket. These animals are hand painted, designed by experts and look as close to realistic as they can. Cairo is into cars right now and these Mini Pull Back Vehicles from Battat are perfect for his little hands! You know your child best, so slip in something that they love!

4. Add a book - I think it is the teacher in me that wants to add a book to everything! Birthday gifts, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Family Night - you name it, I want to add a book to it. It is so important to read to your children especially when they are little. One of the best ways you can help your child learn how to read is by simply reading to them. We love Priddy Books and they have some amazing books for Easter for little ones: Parade of Animals, A Traffic Jam of Trucks, Barnyard Fun, Easter Surprise and Easter stickers books

5. Get Cozy! - This year I am adding a pair of jammies to my kids Easter basket. My kids are constantly growing out of their jammies and I love the fit and styles Crazy 8 offers for kids. I love the two piece sets, but sometimes a comfy onesie is so nice to snuggle in!. 

Remember: There is no right or wrong! Be Creative! - There is no perfect formula, no must haves (although for me, chocolate is a must!) so be creative. It doesn't have to be this big huge basket filled with tons of items, just pick a few of your child's favourites! Happy Creating!!!