Spring time with Kinsley

My baby is just over 18 months old! I can't believe how fast time goes by when they are little. I'll be honest, some days it feels like the longest day of my life but all of a sudden I count months and days and realize my baby isn't a baby anymore. Kinsley brings such joy to our lives. When I found out I was having a girl I immediately starting thinking " I wonder....". 

Beau Hudson Spring Moms-5.jpg

I wonder if she will be...

wild and feisty, sweet and joyful, patient and kind, loving and creative, adventurous or timid.

To be honest: she is a bit of all of the above! A wild card. The best wild card there is! Here are few things about life with Kinsley lately:

1. Miss Independant - She has just learned the word 'no' and loves using it as her first response. However, she also still asks for a "hug" daily so I'm hoping the 'no' wears off soon!

2. We love saying "bye-bye" and wave to people even when they are not ready to leave!

(P.S. This shirt from Beau Hudson and is the new everyday mom uniform in my wardrobe)

3. Everywhere we go, people are amazed at how small she is! When I look at her, I don't think of her as so little but I'm always reminded of how different every child is when someone says "Wow, she's so small for her age" :)

4. Kinsley is obsessed with birds, stuffies and our cats. Every day you can see her staring out our windows bird-watching, emptying and re-loading her stuffies into her shopping cart and smothering our cats with hugs and snuggles.

5. Finally, probably one of my favourite things about Kinsley is she loves her big brother. It was been heart warming watching them begin to interact, play, talk, teach and let's be honest, annoy each other every day. I hope Jake will always hold the umbrella for Kinsley when life rains, but I hope she always loves her brother unconditionally and realizes what a kind, protective heart he has for her.