Easter best with Janie and Jack

As a child we always wore our best on Easter Sunday. I remember picking out a big frilly, flowery dress with a matching hat, going to church, celebrating this glorious day, and then finishing off with an egg hunt sometimes at my grandparents 5 acres of land. 

This Easter we teamed up with Janie and Jack to dress our kids in their best from head to toe. What I love about Janie and Jack is yes everything is adorable, but it is a one stop shop from the shirts, pants, dress, shoes, socks, accessories, etc. They have it all!

Some years we have celebrated Easter down in Palm Springs which is where these shorts from Janie and Jack would be perfect! The lightweight cotton is soft and breezy for those warmer days. We took a more casual approach with Cairo and simply put him in a white t-shirt, but the vest he is wearing makes the whole outfit feel like Easter sunday. 

It's all in the details. I love how the striped hat matches Cairo's striped oxford shoes. Navy and neutrals is always a go-to combo and I think it's the perfect Easter palette for boys. 

This face!!! Remember those little miss _____ and mr. men books growing up? I can't decide if she is Miss. Sassy, Miss. Independent, Miss. Happy, or Miss. Stubborn - probably all of the above. Today Kinsley wanted every accessory! These sunglasses are adorable and are the perfect addition for her Easter outfit on a sunny morning. 

Happy Easter from our crew and Janie and Jack! Janie and Jack always has the best outfits for any special occasion.