Some-bunny had a Party

If you didn't catch our spring brunch inspiration for ladies you have to check it out here, but don't worry we didn't forget about our kids!  I love celebrating Spring and Easter with my kiddos so we jumped at the chance to put together a party for them!

Whenever I can, I always use fresh flowers and plants into my decor. Our friends at West Coast Gardens have the most beautiful selection of pots, plants, bushes, trees, succulents, name, it they have it! We teamed up with their designer to create our live centrepiece for the party. We chose a beautiful white tulip pot with matching mini pots and planted some fresh Daffodils, Ranunculus (love love!!), Hyacinths, Pansies and Primulas.            . 

We chose plants with buds that were just about to open so that they would bloom beautifully the next day for our party. One of my favourite additions was adding a bit of moss on the top of the planter (a little tip from our friend Julie at West Coast Gardens). The moss gave the arrangement an earthy and organic feel and was the perfect bed for our Lindt Gold Chocolate Bunnies. We even added moss to the top of our milk glass cake platter from Mosser Glass and nestled in a Lindor Chick and her little three golden eggs. 

I use these plates from Replay for so many of my kids parties. The white colour goes with everything and I love the different compartments it has to put little treats in. A bonus is that they are made locally here in the USA and are obviously made from recycled materials. We added Mini Eggs from Lindor and Carrot Crackers from Talking Tables

This girl! She was so determined to get the foil wrapper off of her Lindt chocolates - can you blame her?!? Lindt chocolate is so delicious and I swear all children are born with a sweet tooth! :) 
My favourite part of this dress she is wearing from Crazy 8 is the details on her sleeves. The eyelits and white trim on the ruffled sleeves makes the dress feel so feminine and girly. I would wear it and twin with her if it came in my size!

This is why we love doing what we do! Some photos are staged, but most of the time our children love waking up and seeing a beautiful Easter surprise on our kitchen table. Cairo loved snacking on the grapes and singing songs with us as we celebrated Spring together. This turquoise polo is the perfect colour on him! 

I remember as a child hunting for eggs in the grass at my grandparents house, all over their five acres of property. I think all those memories come flooding back and inspire us to hide Chocolate Carrots, Bunnies and Eggs from Lindor in the moss and grass in our tablescape. The extra little details like the moss bunny and honeycomb rabbits from Talking Tables bring some childish fun to the party. 

I love throwing little parties and this one with our kids was a favourite. While I sit here and unwrap one of Lindt's mini gold Easter bunnies I'm already planning an Easter Egg Hunt for Monday! Sunshine please stay - no more rain!