Beauty Talk

Summer is my favourite season. I love being warm, I love sunshine, I love being at the beach and I love a sun kissed glow. This summer has been magical for our family. Our children are at an age where quickly picking up and leaving for a family adventure is easy, exciting, and enjoyable for everyone. Every morning, we all go down and check on our garden in our backyard. This warm heat has made our garden grow exponentially and we love picking and eating fresh veggies and berries. 

Glo Skin Beauty-2.jpg

I have really loved learning how to garden, tend, take care, prune and harvest the plants in our garden this year. Kinsley and I love picking a few flowers to make small table arrangements, or sometimes she just picks them and gives them to me! Having a girl, there are so many things I love sharing with her. I love teaching her (and Jake) how to pull the ripe carrot or pick the red raspberry. Lately, Kinsley has been asking to watch me get ready while I put my makeup on which I find very interesting. 

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For me peronsally, makeup has always been a struggle. I didn't grow up wearing a lot of makeup so I often feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. One thing I did learn from my mom growing up was that real beauty comes from within. She encouraged us to make sure our heart and actions were always kind and loving and that is where our true beauty lies. She would still add a bit of bronzer, blush, mascara and maybe some eye liner once in a while but it was never over done. 

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I appreciated this from my mom, because I grew up knowing I was beautiful. I love using makeup and think that it can highlight and enhance natural features in a beautiful way. My favourite makeup brand right now is Glo Skin Beauty. Their products are light on my face, yet they provide great coverage and leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Kinsley loves watching me put on my makeup and to be honest, I do not put on a lot, because the quality of Glo Skin Beauty products are excellent. I find that I only need a few simple basics to highlight a few natural features I love. If I am going out for a special date night or girls night then I find it fun to add a bit more.

Glo Skin Beauty-6.jpg

Some of my favourite pieces from Glo Skin Beauty right now are their Tinted Primer, Shimmer Bricks, Bronzer, Nude Gloss and their make up brushes. Paired with the Fan/Highlighter brush,  the Bronzer or Shimmer Brick (Gleam or Luster) is perfect for summer or to transition to fall. It adds a pop of light shimmer and brightens up the face! 

Glo Skin Beauty-5.jpg

I love using the Contour/Highlighter brush with my Contour Kit to enhance that sun kissed glow look. My last application is always my lip gloss. I have been loving the Nude gloss and Cupcake gloss depending if I want a bit of colour or a more subtle look. All of this is under 5 minutes and a short makeup routine means that I can leave the house quickly but still feeling refreshed, with a bit of colour in my face. I love teaching my daughter that a little bit goes a long way if you have quality pieces that enhance your natural beauty. 

P.S. My next goal - to master my eyebrows!!