Why we love Safari Toobs

We are just coming off of a stretch of warm, hazy weather here in Vancouver, B.C. We are praying for all of the firefighters who have been working so hard all over our province, our continent and in other places of the world. Some days have been warmer than others but we have kept cool by visiting our local beaches, checking out new water parks, having water balloon fights, and if all else failed, sitting by our AC! When the sun is out, we love being outside and try out best to make sure we get our kids outside every day. We find such a difference in their temperament, behaviour, and joy! This summer, we have really been enjoying taking our Safari Toobs with us on adventures. 

Safari Toobs-4.jpg

We love bringing our Safari Toobs with us wherever we go. They come in a small, convenient case you can carry and we bring them to the beach, the park and even outside on our driveway. Cairo was fixing the toy car the other day with his Safari Tool Toob set! It was the sweetest thing!

Safari Toobs-3.jpg
Safari Toobs-2.jpg
Safari Toobs-5.jpg

Jake loves to create animal worlds and because all of these mini dinosaurs fit in a small container, we will bring them with us on trips and adventures. He sets up little scenes of action on our kitchen table, at the park on a log, amongst rock piles, or even at the beach. Sometime we even add little accessories like beans for dinosaur eggs, branches for trees or blue glass pebbles for water. I love seeing children create using their imagination. Safari even has Toobs of trees which I think would compliment any animal scene well. 

Safari Toobs-6.jpg
Safari Toobs-7.jpg

Each character or animal in a Toob is hand painted and the quality is outstanding. Our children have had some sets of Safari Toobs for a few years and they are still in excellent condition. Whether your summer travels may take you this year, slip in a few Toobs to your child's suitcase or beach bag and let your children create.